Letters and Numbers

Challenge your friends in this addictive game and prove that your mind is in good shape!

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First step: login


Log in with Facebook or sign up as a new player with an email address.

Second step: challenge an opponent


Search for a friend or just challenge a random opponent and start a new game.

Third step: play your plays


Whoever reaches the end of the 12 rounds with the most points is the winner!

How to play Letters. Easy.

The goal is to build the longest word that comes to your mind using 9 random letters.

But you have to be quick because you have only 59 seconds to get it!

It is allowed to use any valid word, including feminines, plurals and any verbal form.

But beware, do not invent words because they will be checked against a dictionary.

If you make the longest valid word you win the round and score as many points as used letters (in case of a tie, the one with the shift would win)

And if you use all the letters correctly you will score 18 points.

How to play letters

How to play Numbers. Very easy.

You start with 6 random numbers: some small (between 1 and 10) and other somewhat larger (25, 50, 75 and 100)

With them, you have to get close as possible to the target number, another random number between 101 and 999.

To get it, you can do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with the initial numbers and turn them into new numbers.

And go on doing all the operations you want to get close to the target number.

Again, you only have 59 seconds to make your calculations.

Whoever is closest to the target number wins (in case of a tie, whoever has the shift)

If you win you'll earn 9 points if you've got the exact number or 6 points if not.

How to play numbers



Why to play alone. Many people love to play against your friends or against random opponents.


Find among your Facebook friends who already play Letters and Numbers or invite them to try it.

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Play in your preferred language: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese...


You can change your name, add a profile photo, set a motto...


The games are saved in our servers so you can continue them if you change your phone or tablet.


You will be notified when your opponent has played his turn or if someone has challenged you to a new game.

Multiple games

Can't wait to play? Relax, you can play against several opponents at once.


You can play on your own to improve your ability.

Most important features

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