Internet is everywhere

Today, we are connected in our homes, at work, on the street... This trend has made it possible for many tasks, that were previosly contained and operated on our devices, to be accessed from virtually any device via powerful cloud servers.

For business

A great advantage here, is that technology enables companies to offer new tools and services to their customers, no matter where they are or what device they are using (smartphones, tablets, Windows, Macs, etc.).

How we do it?

Enxine is an expert in telecommunications, and have experience in the development of such standards-based web applications. When providing a web solution, it is most important for us is to define an architecture and good split, if necessary, between functionality into the backend and the frontend.

We use the latest standards


In these cases, typically offering an online backend API that allows (or not) access to the data stored in the cloud, or perform actions on the servers from all types of devices. We use advanced server technologies such as node.js, or apply excellent industry solutions such as Amazon Web Services, which ensures good performance and scalability.


At the same time, we develop the frontend based upon web technologies as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, creating web applications able to call the services offered by the backend. Virtually any device can open these applications, and the user experience is guaranteed thanks to responsive design techniques.

And also...

Not sure if we can do it?

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