Internet of things?

IoT (Internet of things) is presented to us as the next step in a connected world, we do not only interact remotely with people, but also animals, objects, devices, ... hence the term "things" includes everything around us. Some of these things will be "smart" and can make decisions based on our needs; others simply limited to respond to notices or notify our commands.

Add WiFi to it and control it from your mobile

Big changes are coming

In our daily life: set the temperature in our home, do laundry during off-peak tariff hours, turn the heating on when we are nearly home, know the pantry content, be alerted by a sugar rush, or notify authorities of a gas leak. These are all circumstances where IoT will change the way you act. Also in our professional environment, automating everyday tasks will help both small businesses and large corporations.

Our experience

To communicate, things need to talk to each other. At Enxine we've worked in teams where technologies such as WiFi or Bluetooth have been a priority within a system, so our designs are aimed at optimising communications. A little intelligence is also needed, Enxine can develop solutions that meet the requirements, but restrain cost and size.

Solve customized needs

Many of our clients have very specific needs, especially in professional environments, where it is crucial to offer a customized solution to take full advantage of new possibilities. Enxine's experience throughout the chain means that we can make products focusing on critical points for the customer to define, optimizing the rest, and achieving a robust end product.

And also...

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